Classes & Grades

The vision of Madison Middle School is to nurture our students to develop interpersonal skills through collective accountability in a safe and rigorous academic environment with community engagement and support.

The mission of Madison Middle School is to create a collaborative community of resilient role models and self-respecting scholars.

At Madison Middle School we believe:

  • All children can learn when provided with research-based, high quality, differentiated instruction.
  • Our children should have a safe, engaging, organized, stable environment with consistent expectations.
  • Instructional interactions should be positive, meaningful and meant to meet the diverse needs of each child.
  • Assessments should be data driven and be used to improve, individualize and guide instruction.
  • We need to support our students by providing a safe environment with before, during and after school resources to assist a struggling child.
  • Effective communication and collaboration with all stakeholders builds a sense of trust and a climate where people want to be involved.